The beautiful way Zendaya defended her parents from trolls

If it’s not clear by now, you don’t mess with Zendaya. The former Disney star is queen of shutting down her haters, like that time Giuliana Rancic insulted Zendaya’s hair on Fashion Police, saying Zendaya’s hair made it look like she smelled “like patchouli oil…or weed.” Zendaya fired back preaching words of tolerance and respect, and that’s exactly what she did again when she discovered that cruel Twitter users were mocking her parents.

It all started when user @pullupifubad tweeted a photo of Zendaya and her parents on the red carpet, captioning it “they made a gorgeous ass child lol.”

Soon, cyber bullies began replying to and sharing the tweet, criticizing Zendaya’s parents for their looks.

As you may have guessed, Zendaya was having none if it. Once she caught wind of the bullying, she took to her own Twitter to put the haters in their place.

It’s an important reminder that our words have consequences, even on the Internet, and it’s an even bigger reminder to always treat people with respect. Kudos to Zendaya for respectfully handling her bullies in a way that makes us all better people!

(Images via Twitter)


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