Zendaya wore an outfit that’s making us rethink exposed bra straps

When our bra straps peek out from underneath our outfit, we seem to think of their appearance as more a nuisance than a welcome surprise. But Zendaya seems to be embracing her exposed bra straps and, in turn, that’s making us rethink their potential.

Zendaya arrived at theSpiderman: Homecoming event at New York City’s Whitby Hotel wearing a horizontal striped Altuzarrashirt-dress and contrasting ruffle bra straps. The look is playful, youthful, and very summery.

These straps look like they could be part of a teal and purple ruffle bikini top. We’re buying Zendaya’s total outfit package — exposed bra straps included.


Bra straps shouldn’t be as big of an issue as school dress codes make them out to be. If they’re part of your outfit, then so be it. It’s just a bra. And what makes this specific bra strap look work is the fact that the straps are ruffled and colorful. It makes the bra look like less of an undergarment and more of an accessory to the overall outfit. Intentional move? We think so.

We saw this same bra strap trend happen when bralettes entered the picture. Not only did we begin to own our exposed straps, but we drew attention to them. Bras don’t have to be secretive, period.

Seriously, it’s time to take bra straps out of hiding. They’re part of our femininity, and for a large portion of us ladies, the bra in general is a necessary piece of clothing that isn’t being worn for anyone else but ourselves.

Spice up your existing bras through DIY projects, or think outside the box next time you’re shopping for lingerie. If they’re going to peek out from under your top anyway, you might as well make those straps stand out.

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