Zendaya just gave us a preview of her new breakup song—and it’s kickass

Zendaya has been so busy interacting with fans on Twitter and shutting down Photoshopping shenanigans that we almost forgot how long it’s been since we last heard some new music from the teenage queen. It’s been two years since she released her self-titled album “Zendaya,” and we were starting to get a little worried that she wasn’t coming out with another. Leave it to Zendaya to have something awesome up her sleeve, which she just revealed over on Instagram.

The ten-second clip gives us the tiniest preview of what she’s been working on with Timbaland, and it sounds just as sassy and catchy as we’d been hoping. The song is already getting major praise. “This R&B song has girl power anthem written all over it with lyrics that seem to call out a less-than-perfect boyfriend,” writes Teen Vogue’s Kathryn Amey. We totally agree. Leave it to Z to turn heartbreak into something empowering.

Whoever this song is about, they’re soon going to regret ever messing with this former Disney star-turned-badass.

We’ve been told to expect the album everywhere in early 2016, so that’s going to make the New Year’s countdown even more exciting.

(Image via Instagram)

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