Zendaya’s millennial pink suit is our favorite version of the tuxedo trend

We’re here for any iteration of the suit: the power suit, the non-power power suit, the leisure suit…any and all of it is good with us. And who else but our favorite style maven, Zendaya, would wear our new favorite version of the tuxedo suit?

Done in millennial pink, this version feels like the retro glam suit we’ve been looking for, albeit unknowingly. We love the idea of taking a vintage-inspired look and putting a modern twist on it without losing all of the soul.

And if there’s one thing Zendaya’s suit has, it’s plenty of soul.

Zendaya looks like she’s ready to hit the red carpet, or the dance floor, in this fitted pink Dundas suit. With a stark black lapel, black buttons, and the tightest tuxedo pants we’ve ever seen, this look is part business casual, part party-ready. While this look would have still been killer in the classic black and white, we’d argue that the millennial pink color is what really makes it.

Of course, Zendaya styled her tuxedo beautifully. She wore a simple black top underneath and went for it with hair and makeup. With the highest of high ponytails, bold brows, a subtle smokey eye, and bubblegum-pink lips, Zendaya’s beauty game takes this look to a new level.

So next time you need to get your business professional look on, wear a pop of color to really make a statement. Add in a high ponytail and you’ll be as put-together as Zendaya in no time.