Zendaya has the most mature view on casual dating

Less than a week after generating a very silly controversy over her stunning cover photo for Wonderland. magazine cover, Disney Channel star Zendaya has landed on yet another magazine cover. This time, it’s Cosmopolitan.

For the magazine’s July 2016 issue, the 19-year-old talked about everything from racism to politics and social media, but by far one of the more interesting tidbits was Zendaya’s progressive and practical advice on hookups.

“As long as you protect yourself and get tested periodically, then by all means, go ahead and do what you’ve got to do,” she told Cosmo.

As for own love life, Zendaya would prefer a committed relationship.

“I would much rather be in love and have the full experience with the person I’m doing that with,” she says. “Everyone deserves to be in love – it’s different from when you’re with someone you don’t really know.”

Zendaya’s issue of Cosmo hits newsstands on June 7.

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