Zendaya just got the best “mom text” ever

Like many of us, your mom probably has an iPhone by now. And it’s very likely that she sends a few hilarious things — in the name of love. Actress Zendaya posted a screencap of a mom text she recently got, proving that even if you’re a celebrity, you’ll still get funny check-ups (and the occasional guilt trip) from mom.

Zendaya’s mom is named Claire Stoermer, and according to a tweet that Zendaya sent out after fans began to target her, she’s one of “the most selfless people in the world.” The actress famously stood up for both Stoermer and her father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, and praised them for being teachers who “dedicated their lives to teaching, cultivating and filling young shallow minds.” So, they’ve got a great relationship.

While that’s sweet, it doesn’t mean that Stoermer doesn’t text her some crazy stuff every once in awhile.

Trying to send a message, maybe?

Of course, a lot of Zendaya’s fans wanted to let her know that they could totally relate.



One fan even tried to text the article to her mom, but got a very different (yet very hilarious) reply back.

But really, we can understand where her mom is coming from. Zendaya has been pretty busy these days promoting Spider-Man: Homecoming, and she’s still been working hard on her Disney Channel show K.C. Undercover. So, there’s a good chance she hasn’t seen her mom in a bit — or at least, hasn’t been able to spend a nice chunk of quality time with her.

At least Stoermer seems to be pretty understanding.

Still, we hope we see some social media updates from these two that include photos of the two reuniting. After all, Stoermer’s health depends on it.

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