Zendaya is a futuristic disco queen in this sequined pink suit

The world may feel like it’s ending and all, but at least we have an excuse to throw a party. Or, at the very least, an event where we can don all those looks we were too frightened to wear when impending doom wasn’t urging us to really live like today’s our last. If there’s a time to wear your sequins loud and proud, it’s now.

Just take it from our girl Zendaya, who is giving us hope in her pink sequin Vivetta suit, which feels retro and futuristic all at once. She’s slaying like there’s no tomorrow in one of her loudest looks yet, and we’re here for this public display of glamour.


Zendaya wore this look to Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood Event, once again proving her sartorial power by wearing, possibly, one of the best looks she’s ever worn.

Not only is this a sequin look, it’s a sequin *suit*, and an ombre one at that! With the cropped, slightly flared pants and oversized buttons, this outfit feels like it’s from 1970 and 2070 at the same time.

We would wear this look to a disco, on a date, to an art gallery, and honestly, we’d probably wear it as a ghost to haunt our exes. Whether or not you wear your hair like Zendaya in big, disco curls, take a cue from the style star and pair a light pink lip with your favorite pink sequins for an all-over monochrome aesthetic.


And extra points if you pair this outfit with nude heels to give the sequins all the attention.

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