Zendaya’s flamingo outfit proves that red and green can work for summer, not just Christmas

What comes to mind when you think of red and green together? Probably the holiday season, and more specifically, Christmas. While most of us confine our red and green style statements to one month a year, one of our favorite fearless fashion stars, Zendaya, is proving that this color combination can transcend seasons and holidays alike.

At the Spider-Man: Homecoming photocall in Barcelona, Spain, Zendaya wore a striking red and green look that was straight off the runway from Delpozo’s spring 2015 collection.

As Tim Gunn says, make it work! And Zendaya did  just that.


Let’s start with this sweater. It’s more like art, and less like that thing you have at the bottom of your drawer for when you get cold. The bold, cherry-hued piece features two flamingos and a cut-out mesh top for the ultimate peek-a-boo effect. With pops of muted green and teal, the top pairs easily with the actress’ pants.

And those pants! The high-waisted, extra wide-legged pleated trousers are in the ultimate Christmas color: kelly green. But again, Zendaya isn’t rocking a yuletide aesthetic; she’s just embracing color.


Zendaya’s outfit was taken straight from the Delpozo catwalk, minus one small detail. Instead of choosing patent green platform sandals, the actress wore crisp white pumps to complete her look.

We admire how fearless Zendaya is with fashion, and we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see what killer looks she wears next.

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