Zendaya has cotton candy hair in this movie, and we hope she makes it permanent

From Rapunzel-length locks, to a full fro, to a faux pixie, Zendaya is the fashion world’s favorite hair chameleon. The actress and designer can pretty much pull off anything she wears, including candy-colored locks. Just take a look at The Greatest Showman trailer, where Zendaya shows off one of our favorite styles yet — bubblegum pink hair. She looks like a cotton candy star, and our hope is that she falls in love with this style and makes the switch permanently. Until then, we’ll just be re-watching this trailer with our fingers crossed.


The movie-musical is inspired by the imagination of P. T. Barnum, the circus legend. The story chronicles the birth of show business, with some fun twists and turns throughout. Think Zac Efron falling for Zendaya. Because honestly, who wouldn’t fall in love with our girl? Especially with that hair! The movie looks like the perfect cinematic experience for anyone who likes show business, and especially all the glitz and glam that comes with it.

In the movie, Zendaya plays an acrobat who makes Zac Efron’s character fall hard — like love-at-first-sight hard.

It’s just another day in the life for the multifaceted actress! Pulling off pink hair, swinging from a trapeze, making mortal men fall in love with her. It’s no big deal for this IRL goddess.

We’ll be waiting until Christmas to see The Greatest Showman, and crossing our fingers that we get to see some more rose hair goodness from Zendaya while we wait.

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