Zendaya channeled Katniss’ “Girl on Fire” look at the Kids’ Choice Awards

We’re all about Zendaya, always. Now, Zendaya channeled Katniss’ “Girl on Fire” look at the Kids’ Choice Awards on March 11th, reported PopSugar. The dress was a head-to-toe metallic fiery orange, and Zendaya rocked it — not like we should be surprised. ICYMI, she won “Favorite Female TV Star” for the Disney Channel’s K.C. Undercover. NBD, right?! Or a VERY BIG DEAL. Congrats, Zendaya! And if you haven’t seen the show, in it, she plays K.C., the daughter of two spies who want her to be one, too — she tries, but…you’ll have to watch the show to see how she does!

Now, let’s take a look at the dress, which was a piece from her very own Daya by Zendaya collection, btw.


Sooo glam! And here’s a closer shot of it, too, as well as her matching eyeshadow!


When she won her Kids’ Choice Award, she genuinely looked surprised. Awww.


As she heads to the stage to accept her award, she still looks a-maz-ing.


And it goes without saying, we love how she loves her fans.


Even getting her award, she seems so genuine. And look at the way her fans are admiring her. The CUTEST.


And we love how she happens to match the award — as well as the Kids’ Choice Awards ambience!


And, once again, she thanks her fans — this time, by blowing them a kiss.


Here she is after she receives her “Favorite Female TV Star” award. HA!


And, yup, Zendaya definitely has a Katniss “Girl on Fire” vibe going on! She’s certainly on fire, from her clothing line to this latest win!

We all remember that scene in Hunger Games, right?!


Here’s an animated version, too.

Point being, thank you, Zendaya, for upping our #GlamGoals and #FashionGoals yet again. And congrats again, too, on your very well-deserved award! If it were up to us, we’d also give you a “Best Dressed” award!

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