Zendaya’s Black Friday shopping strategy is actually genius and stress-free

If you’re anything like us, you probably spend the better part of November grappling with how exactly you’ll tackle Black Friday shopping.

On the one hand, the unofficial shopping holiday offers up the BEST opportunity for us to stock up on goodies that’ll last us all year long (not to mention all the holiday gifts we could ever need). On the other, it’s kind of a hot mess out there, and getting your hands on what you want can involve some physical challenges.

Luckily, Zendaya is here to share her oh-so-simple shopping strategy with all of us.

When we say her advice is easy to follow, we mean like, really, really easy. The star spoke up about her big plans for the holiday weekend, and she shared her super refreshing take on Black Friday sales.

“I don’t go,” Zendaya told PeopleStyle. “I’m always afraid because it’s the busiest time to go. The best thing for me is, wait until the online one comes out, and do everything online.”

She has a point, doesn’t she? Granted, shopping Black Friday deals in person is probably more difficult when you’re a famous person (Want to make the sales even more overwhelming? Throw in a bunch of people trying to snag a selfie with you!).

But honestly, this is advice we can all take.

We are so conditioned to run out to the stores before we’ve even digested our Thanksgiving dinners, and while a lot of great merchandise doesn’t stick around until Cyber Monday, Zendaya’s plan is not bad at all.

Will you be shopping Black Friday sales in store?

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