Zendaya’s response to critics of her (awesome) look at the BET Awards

I don’t think it’s out of line to say that Zendaya is the queen of confidence. She shuts down haters left and right, whether it’s sticking up for other women when faced with misogynistic critiques, or defending the choices she makes with her own body.

Let’s take a few steps back. Last night the 18 year old attended the 2015 BET Awards, which celebrates the amazing work of people of color in music, sports and other forms of entertainment. But Zendaya didn’t just hit the red carpet in style, she hit it with a whole new look. She wore a pixie-cut wig that was a complete 180 compared to her usual hairstyles. And she rocked it.

But some critics didn’t think so. The Twittersphere was rife with comments about her look. Of course, Zendaya, who was up for the YoungStars Award, didn’t bat an eye. She Tweeted a quintessential Zendaya response:

Zendaya may be under the microscope, but she isn’t under of the influence of other people’s opinions. It seems like with every step she takes down the red carpet, she’s rocking a new and different style. And why not? The beauty of fashion and make up is that you can express yourself one way one day, and completely switch it up the next. It’s all about having the confidence to express yourself, regardless of what other people think. Zendaya only lets her personal creativity dictate her look, no matter what other people say.

We could all borrow a bit of that confidence…as well as maybe that wig. I’d love to look as good as she does in it, but maybe that’s best left to the queen herself.

Bonus tweet:

You said it, girl.

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