Zendaya is getting her own Barbie. Sold.

Today’s a big day in the doll world. Barbie announced they’ll be taking Zendaya’s gorgeous look from the 2015 Oscars and translating it into a one-of-a-kind doll. The doll will be complete with the stunning Vivienne Westwood dress and those ‘locs that caused so much controversy earlier in the year.

Zendaya who is a very vocal advocate for women and young girls, and has created her own campaign encouraging young women to “Raise your voice,” does not lend her image lightly. Her involvement says a lot about what we can expect from Barbie in the future.

Zendaya said in a press release, “I’m excited to be a part of the new direction the Barbie brand is headed, specifically how they are celebrating diversity in the line and encouraging kids to raise their voices. It’s a positive message to send to my fans, including my nieces who are coming with me to the concert.”  

The concert she’s referring to is the Barbie Rock n’ Royals Concert experience which she’ll host. The concert will benefit the VH1 Save the Music Foundation and offer a chance for Z to promote the Raise Your Voice campaign and Barbie’s #BeSuper philosophy. Zendaya’s doll will be revealed at the September 26th concert, and it’s all a big step in Barbie’s efforts to diversify their dolls. Zendaya told Yahoo, as a kid, “I didn’t have one [Barbie] that looked like me, so I couldn’t connect with her in that way . . . But getting to visit the Mattel offices and see Barbie’s vision for the future . . . it was really cool. I was able to see how they plan to diversify, broadening the horizons and the image of Barbie, and make it more, you know, open. I left the office feeling it was definitely something I wanted to be a part of.”

As we’ve already touched on, Zendaya is no stranger to  social activism. The girl’s got a heart. She spent her 19th birthday raising money for an African family in need, and used her Twitter platform to reprimand (in the classiest, most positive way possible) trolls who called her parents “ugly.”

If anybody is the right choice to help launch this new generation of Barbie, its Zendaya. She has done more to be a role model in her 19 years, than most of us will do in our lifetimes.

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