Zendaya just dropped a major truth bomb about beauty

Zendaya’s having a big-time moment. She’s judging the next Miss America pageant, she just got her own Barbie doll, and in between all the glamorous fanciness she always makes time to speak her truth and inspire us all. Whether she’s defending her parents from trolls or shutting down people who don’t take her seriously because of her age, our girl can always be counted on to say exactly what needs to be said.

So of COURSE Zendaya had an A+ response to the paparazzo who asked her “Can you say something to your fans? All the insecure girls… all the girls who think they’re ugly and stuff?”

As Seventeen reports, this happened at the airport as Z was on her way to Paris Fashion Week, and though we are sure she was itching to just get through security so she could just go buy her airplane mags and snacks already, she deemed it necessary to address the pap’s questions in a super-inspiring way.

“Nobody’s ugly, that doesn’t exist,” she scoffed. To which we, of course, say in unison, “PREACH.”

With regards to the people out there who don’t feel beautiful, Zendaya had some wisdom to drop.

“I say take the time to know who you are. Take the time to love yourself and everything will be alright.”

Then she wished the photog a good day, and sailed away, up the escalator, and onto Paris.

We are absolutely cribbing Zendaya’s answer to this life question. There are so many, many, many ways in which women and girls are made to feel insecure about their looks. What if we just refused to believe that ugliness even exists? What if we decided to believe that everyone was beautiful? We’re grateful to Zendaya for demonstrating that it’s totally possible to refuse to believe anyone is ugly, and to insist that anyone who FEELS less than beautiful needs to take the time to pour a whole lot more love on themselves.


Zendaya perfectly shuts down people who won’t take her seriously because of her age.

Yup, Zendaya just made us want to buy Barbies again

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