Zelda Williams has a moving and important message about suicide prevention

Over a year has passed since we lost Robin Williams, and in that time, his daughter Zelda has stepped up and become an important voice for those who have lost loved ones to mental illness and a powerful advocate for suicide prevention. When Zelda heard of the passing of Cathriona White, an Irish stylist, make-up artist, and on-and-off again girlfriend of Jim Carrey who died this week of an apparent suicide,  she took to Twitter to share her condolences.

She proceeded to remember and honor Cathriona (“LittleIrishCat” on social media) by directing her followers to Pieta House, an Irish organization that works to prevent self-harm and suicide.

We are constantly blown away by Zelda’s huge heart. She so beautifully articulates what is often so impossible to say about losing loved ones and she is constantly fighting to save those who are battling with self-harm impulses. What happened to her family is too sad and too horrible, and it is truly moving to see her take her pain and use it to fight for the lives of others.


Zelda Williams speaks out about losing her father Robin Williams in an emotional, beautiful tribute

One year after her father Robin Williams’ death, Zelda Williams has a powerful message for those struggling with depression.

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