Zelda Williams is loving New York Fashion Week. We’re loving Zelda Williams.

It is customary for people who attend New York Fashion Week to complain about New York Fashion Week. Sure, we get that all those fabulous parties and designer runway shows are exhausting. Not really.

So it’s insanely refreshing to see NYFW through the eyes of kickass human, Zelda Williams. This is her first Fashion Week ever, and she’s awesomely acting like all of us would at our first Fashion Week ever — she’s meeting people, ogling over the gorgeous designs, and snapping enough pictures to fill up six Instagram feeds.  Naturally, Zelda’s coverage of fashion week on Instagram is not only on point, but totally relatable.

The best thing actually has to be that Williams isn’t just snapping pictures on her iPhone, but rather on a real camera. “I’m sure I looked like such a nerd with my full sized camera in the front row, but I love that I’ll get to look at these beautiful dresses again!” she wrote on Instagram.

She also told Pret-A-Reporter that the whole experience has “been so amazing,”  and mentioned that she likes “taking photos from the front row so [she gets her] own.” Because really, who wants to endlessly scroll through someone else’s pictures, when you can have your own first hand? But, er, since we’re not at Fashion Week, and Zelda is, we’re now going to spend a lot of time staring at the pictures she’s taken, because they’re beautiful. And her captions? Well, they’re the kind of fashion coverage we can totally get behind.  

And check out Williams front row, along with actress and model Analeigh Tipton, both holding their large cameras proud!

One more, OK?

Though none of us are ready for NYFW to end this year, Williams wrote that she is at least looking forward to a “heel vacation” for her feet.

In the meantime, keep these pictures coming.

(Images via Instagram)


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