Zelda Williams got real about her struggle with depression

Mental health is such an important issue to conquer, and we’re so glad that more and more public figures are making a point to discuss it. Robin William’s daughter Zelda recently opened up about depression in an eye-opening interview with Teen Vogue, and we love every point she brought up. This lady is definitely someone we look up to.

Williams has obviously seen the possible effects of depression in her own life. After the death of her father shocked the world, it was important to note that anyone could suffer — even someone you never expected. Depression is a silent illness, and the more people open up about seeking help, the less alone others may feel.


By being able to identify the disease, we can fight it a little bit better.

On the internet, Williams has detailed her own battle through her Tumblr, reaching an audience of many.

"I think people are finally aware of [mental health] in a much more visceral way," Williams said to Teen Vogue. "The epidemic of suicide, and what they were calling white despair, as well... Just in the last 10 years, people are finally listening, and that's nice to see."

Williams stressed the importance to keep busy with positive activities. She acts, writes, directs, and tries to find happiness in little tasks to try and battle her own negative feelings.

"I work very hard at reminding myself that happy is a job," she said. "There are people who it is very easy for, and who will never understand what that suffering is like — and that's arguably part of the discussion about mental illnesses."

It’s such an interesting way to think about it. But it’s true — sometimes, you just have to work hard to figure out what makes you happy.

For Williams, she said she’s lucky — her mental health issues don’t stem from a chemical imbalance, like it often does with others.


But as you know, being happy typically isn’t as easy as it may seem — and Williams is quite aware of that.

"You have to work very hard at being happy when it's not how you're programmed to be," she said. "It takes therapy, or you take medication. It can take a lot of work. I try and tell people that as hard as it can be, it's a lot harder to work at being happy, than it is to just be sad. I really hope they continue to work at it, and take the time."

We’re so impressed with Zelda Williams’ strength. She’s a constant reminder that things often get better, and that all of us can conquer the many hurdles that life has to offer.

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