ICYMI: Two zebras ran wild in Philadelphia

Over the weekend, Philadelphia residents were treated to a mini safari when two zebras busted loose from a circus and went for a run. All too perfectly, the zebra duo got loose in West Philadelphia, although the zebras didn’t stop to shoot any b-ball outside the school.

The pair were in town with UniverSoul Circus, and managed to break free and run through the front gate. The first zebra was free for 20 minutes, while the second managed to evade authorities for a fully 40 minutes before being caught. In that time, they savored their freedom by running through the streets and stopping at KFC.

Once the Zebras were captured, the Philly Police issued the following tweet:

— Philadelphia Police (@PhillyPolice) November 15, 2015

Of course, not everyone was laughing about the incident. “They don’t want to be here. The two poor zebras probably saw a chance to escape,” Marianne Bessey of Animal ACTivists of Philly, told Philly.com. “It underscores the point that animals don’t belong in circuses.”
(Images via Shutterstock)