Zayn has revealed how his Taylor Swift collaboration “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” came about

We love getting a peak into the behind the scenes goings on of how things are made, which is why we were particularly interested in Zayn explaining how his Taylor Swift collaboration “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” came about.

Last week (December 9th), Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik surprised the world with their 50 Shades Darker soundtrack song, “I Don’t Want To Live Forever.” Of course, everyone (including us) freaked out about it, and not just because Taylor had let Zayn hold one of her cats!  Unsurprisingly, the song shot up the iTunes chart, too.

Well, now Zayn has opened up about how the track came into existence and we’re all ears.

Dropping by the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Zayn opened up about how the song, which was also co-written by Jack Antanoff, came about.

"We were kind of in separate places when I mentioned the idea to her, Zayn revealed. “I spoke to her on the phone, and she heard the song because Jack had played it to her. She really liked it, and she went in the studio the next day. I think she was somewhere else."

When asked whether he was nervous about pitching the idea of a collaboration to Taylor, Zayn said that it was actually all quiet seamless.

"The interesting thing was she’s actually friends with Gi [Zayn's partner Gigi Hadid], so she already reached out because Jack had just played her the song anyway because we'd done it together Zayn explained. “She mentioned to me that she liked the song, so I already kind of knew in the back of my head that she liked it so I asked her if she wanted to be on it and she was cool with it."

Zayn, who released his debut solo album Mind of Mine this year, also opened up about his decision to release his autobiography, ZAYN, this year.

“I felt like there were a couple of things that I needed to say to people that might have been misconstrued in other forms of media that had been out there,” he said. “I just wanted to clarify that I was grateful for everything that was given to me prior to my solo career, and that everything that might have been perceived as me not being grateful was down to me having some sort of issue myself and not necessarily being able to express that.”

Following the release of “I Don’t Want To Live Forever,” Jack Antanoff, who co-wrote and produced the song, tweeted about how the track had all come together, too. false false false

Tbh, we’re SO obsessed with “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” and love that it all came together so quickly and without a hitch. Now we just need to get our hands on some more new music from Taylor and Zayn.

You can listen to “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” on Apple Music. The track is also available to purchase on iTunes.

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