You have to see Zayn Malik’s Turkish doppelgänger for yourself

Zayn Malik is hot and successful. Can you imagine if there were two of him? Twice as many swoon-worthy smolders, twice as many slow-burning pop hits. It would be magical.

But if we can’t have two Zayn Maliks, we can at least have…two Zayn Maliks? Turns out one of our favorite former boy band members has a doppelgänger — a Turkish actor named Burak Deniz.

Deniz looks uncannily like Malik, down to the style. AND he’s a talented actor to boot. Deniz stars in the Turkish versions of hit television shows Shameless and Pretty Little Liars. He plays Toprak, the Toby equivalent.

Let’s examine the evidence. Here’s Deniz.

He was recently on the cover of Turkish GQ.

For reference, here’s a reminder of what Zayn Malik looks like, on his own British GQ cover.

Pretty similar, we must say. Especially when Malik had longer hair.

And here’s a poster featuring Deniz in the Turkish version of Shameless.

It turns out there are quite a few Malik doppelgängers out in the world.

Los Angeles stylist Shyan Range gives us some SERIOUS Zayn vibes.

The publicity from his very Zayn-looking face has boosted him to more than 30,000 Instagram followers.

This model from Kosova could be Malik’s brother, they look so much alike.

All these hot knockoff Zayn Maliks should get together and throw a party. We would 100% be there.