Zayn Malik’s new tattoo shows he’s a huge Star Wars fan

We already knew that Zayn Malik is totally tatted up — and that, despite seeming like the coolest kid you know, he’s actually kind of a geek (which we love).

Don’t believe us? Check out exhibits A and B:

Still, we have to say we didn’t expect his newest tattoo. Done by West 4 Tattoo’s Jon Boy, a New York-based artist who’s also tattooed stars like Kendall Jenner, Chloe Bennett and Justin Bieber, Zayn’s fresh ink features a tiny Star Wars lightsaber along the side of his middle finger. And, honestly, it’s adorable.

The best part? It lights up, just like the real thing. Using UV ink, Zayn’s lightsaber glows as blue as Obi-Wan Kenobi’s. How cool is that?

We already knew Zayn was a force to be reckoned with — but now the force is with him all the time.

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