Zayn Malik revealed a tattoo—and now fans think he’s secretly married to Gigi Hadid

Big things are happening for Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid. Last week, the model confirmed via The Tonight Show that she is, in fact, expecting her first child with the former One Direction member. Rumors had been swirling around the couple regarding a potential pregnancy—so much so that Hadid felt as though she had to reveal the news. She told host Jimmy Fallon, “Obviously, we wish they could’ve announced it on our own terms, but we’re very excited and happy and grateful for everyone’s well-wishes and support.”

Now that one rumor is confirmed, another has popped up: Could Malik and Hadid already be married?

Earlier this week, Malik and Hadid showed off a matching pair of evil eye bracelets gifted to them by jeweler George Khalife, and fans couldn’t help but notice a seemingly new tattoo on Malik’s arm. It’s a chunk of script that pertains to marriage, love, and staying true to a significant other. Ahem.

Fans quickly figured out that the tattoo is the Kahlil Gibran poem “On Love And Marriage” from the 1923 book of poetry The Prophet. What’s more: Malik had posted the poem to his Instagram back in May 2019.

It was in May 2019 that Malik and Hadid were in the process of reconciling after being on-again-off-again for several months. However, in August 2019, the pair seemingly split again only to get back together by December, confirming their relationship by February 2020.

Posting the poem doesn’t mean that he got the tattoo back in May 2019, of course, but it could signal a connection to his relationship with Hadid. And now, comparing the poem tattoo to the other ink on his arm, it looks fairly fresh.

So, if it *does* symbolize a secret engagement or marriage, it probably happened within the last few months of their relationship, fans theorize.

Again, this is all speculation. Neither Malik nor Hadid have said anything about marriage. It’s safe to say they’ve had to dodge and address enough rumors in the past few weeks, so maybe let’s let them live for now before demanding a response.

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