Twitter tries to reunite Zayn Malik with One Direction. Worth a shot.

Are you feeling directionless today? There might be a reason for that, and it is one sad 1D hashtag that’s breaking hearts.

Last night, #WelcomeBackto1DZayn started trending and naturally, 1D fans freaked out thinking that there was some truth to this and Mr. Malik was actually returning to the band after his infamous, but understandable exit. But there’s been no actual confirmation of this at all, either from the boys themselves or from the official 1D twitter account. Just a bunch of social media speculation, starting with this:

Yes, the hashtag originated when Brazilian fan @LUXOJONES wanted to have some harmless fun after watching a 1D special in her home country. But it started trending really quickly and it has certainly been playing games with our hearts, just like that girl did to another boy band back in the day. When you look up #WelcomeBackto1DZayn, there are countless messages of totally natural upset, including this perfect summary of the whole thing. Exhibit A:

Luckily, we all know that the other 1D boys have accepted Zayn’s exit in stride, even going as far as to give their former boy bandmate a shout-out at an awards show recently. In other words, no matter whether or not he actually comes back, they’ll keep making things … beautiful … for Directioners worldwide. After all, they’ve got a new album in the works, not to mention an upcoming tour. We’ll hold off excitement re: Zayn’s involvement in either until we actually see him or one of the remaining 1D guys using #WelcomeBackTo1DZayn with an exciting announcement attached.

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