Even Zayn Malik has a cameo in “Ocean’s Eight!”

The list is already super impressive: Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Dakota Fanning, Sarah Paulson, Sandra Bullock, Helena Bonham Carter…and now even Zayn Malik is filming a cameo for Ocean’s Eight. Yes, the Ocean’s Eleven spin-off film is piling on the talent each and every day and we are stoked. This film’s credits are just going to double as the invitee list for our ultimate Hollywood idols dream party. Could you imagine the convos that are happening off set between Rihanna and Sarah Paulson? They could swap notes on taking over the world, one song or season of American Horror Story at a time.

[/header]Zayn is prepping for his cameo in what is sure to be the classiest and most badass Oceans yet.[/header]


The New York City heist movie is adding to it’s gorgeous and super talented cast by the minute! Zayn Malik was spotted in NYC on his way to film his cameo appearance on Wednesday night, according to Just Jared. Also slated to cameo? A certain Kim and a certain Kendall. No way to tell which Kim and Kendall, though (LOL).


Is this hoodie metallic bronze or striped? He’s wearing an optical illusion! Now all we need is Gigi to wear #thedress from 2015. Gold and white or blue and black? It’s been two years; do we know yet?


The singer and ex-1D member kept his facial scruff to a dull roar (he’d recently been seen with a serious beard) and ducked out of the rain.


Were they filming in the hotel? AND WHICH HOTEL!? We need to know. Or we could wait till  June 8, 2018, when Warner Brothers has planned Ocean’s Eight’s release. But does anybody honestly want to wait that long? Especially when creep-queen Helena Bonham Carter was spotted on set like this:


Alright then. 525 days to go until Ocean’s Eight. Let the countdown begin!

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