After deleting all of his Instagram pictures, Zayn Malik shared an intriguing video — and it probably means that he’s releasing new music

Zayn Malik is up to something. After his recent breakup with Gigi Hadid, the singer has made waves with his actions. Right after their split, Malik got a huge breakup tattoo (or two) and shared pics on Instagram. Then, on April 6th, Malik deleted all of his Instagram pictures, completely wiping his account. Fans were pretty convinced that the Instagram purge was more about a new album and less about his breakup with Hadid, but who’s to say, really? Other stars have been known to do something similar before a new creative era. Taylor Swift mysteriously wiped her Instagram clean right before dropping her latest album, Reputation. Is Zayn doing the same thing?

Well, after just a day of no Instagramming, the singer is back. Malik has returned to Instagram. (That didn’t last long.) With one single post on Saturday, April 7th, Malik has us talking again. He posted a video with the caption “04.12.18.” What does it all mean? Is this a new album? A new single? Another new tattoo or hairstyle? We already can’t wait to find out.

The video starts with Malik looking out over the ocean, but it doesn’t stay peaceful for long. All of a sudden, it picks up, and there are a flash of images. A fight scene! People looking kinda mad! Words like “POWER,” “GREED,” and “VENGEANCE” fly across the screen in red. There’s a lot of making out and fighting and briefcases filled with money.

Zayn’s video honestly looks like it could have been directed by Martin Scorsese.

The video ends with the words, “begins 04.12.18.”

Well, we certainly don’t know what all of this means, but we think Malik might be releasing a new album soon. Either that or he’s joining the mob movie genre and is now a super big action hero. Honestly, we’d be happy either way. Guess we’ll find out on Thursday!

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