Wait a second: Did Zayn Malik just get a giant face tattoo?

We’re kind of freaking out right now. Last night, former One Direction-er Zayn Malik posted a pic on Instagram of a new tattoo. The singer has a lot of tattoos, so that’s not the wild part—it’s that this new one appears to be on his face.

Let’s break this down. The new ink is on Zayn’s right temple between his ear and his forehead. It depicts a bird about to take flight—perhaps a metaphor for a phoenix being reborn and rising from the ashes (aka his beard)? Wrapped around the bird is a banner that reads “M.O.M.” But before you say Aww, Zayn got a tattoo for his mom! remember that his upcoming album is titled Mind of Mine, so there’s a good chance it’s about that. Fans are NOT happy about it.

We don’t really know what to think right now. Is it real? Did Zayn really just get a face tattoo, The Hangover-style? We kind of wouldn’t be surprised if this was 100 percent real, but we could also see him punking us. However, we are enjoying the excuse to look at Zayn’s beautiful face, so we’ll take it.