Zayn Malik Got a New Face Tattoo and We’re Both Intrigued and Confused

Fans are scrambling to try to figure out what it says.

Zayn Malik got some new ink on his face and we’re pretty into it—we do love his face—aside from one minor problem: We’re not exactly sure what it says. Malik debuted the new tattoo in an Instagram post on July 30th and, even though the photo is a selfie and the script is a decent size, the placement makes it difficult to read. Plus, his sharp AF jawline and facial hair don’t help.

And, of course, because it’s Zayn Malik, man of few words, he didn’t share the photo with a caption at all or even acknowledge the new ink. Thank you!

Fortunately, social media sleuths and stans everywhere are all over this one. 

There’s no shortage of guesses regarding the words on Malik’s jawline, but thus far we have no confirmation of the script and its meaning—or what language the tattoo is in, for that matter. Some Twitter users speculated that the words are some version of “Da mamma” or “De mama.”

Another fan suggested that it reads, Do more, while others theorize that it’s in Latin or French script. 

If history is any indicator, Malik’s new tattoo probably holds some sort of special meaning. In February, Malik and Gigi Hadid got matching tattoos in honor of their baby daughter, Khai. The couple each got a tattoo that reads “Khai” in Arabic. Hadid’s is on the smaller side and located above the crook of her elbow, while Malik opted for a larger script in red ink placed on his wrist. 

Malik’s other tattoos include “MSG 3-12-12,” which marks the date of One Direction’s first concert at Madison Square Garden and an illustration of Hadid’s eyes. Malik also has several other tattoos in Arabic, like one that reads, “Be true to who you are,” and the names of his sisters, Safaa, Waliyha, and Doniya.

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