Zayn Malik just deleted all of his Instagram pictures, and Twitter is losing it

Breakups are really hard. Experiencing heartbreak can mess with your emotions and make you act a little bit less like yourself. When going through a breakup, you may want to listen to sad music really loudly while stuffing everything your partner ever gave you into a box. And now that we live so much of our lives online, you may also want to tweet sad lyrics and/or take a whole social media break to avoid doing just that. Breakups in the age of smartphones and social media are extra difficult. You have to avoid the temptation of clicking on your ex’s profile(s), and don’t even get us started on seeing pics of their new partners. It’s a hard, hard thing to go through.

But even celebrities go through it. In March, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid broke up. The ridiculously beautiful couple are no longer, and Malik has given us quiet hints that he’s not taking it very well. Or that he’s taking it extremely well? We can’t tell. Malik shared pictures of his gigantic breakup tattoos and he also did the pretty typical “unfollow the ex’s family and friends” thing. But now, Malik has taken things a step further: He deleted all of his Instagram pics.

Every picture on Zayn Malik’s Instagram is now just…gone.

Of course, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Maybe Malik was sick of his old Insta pics and wanted to start anew. Or, this could mean that he is on his way to debuting an entirely new image. Maybe it means new music! But when he deleted every picture, all of his relationship history with Hadid went with it. Some artists have done something similar before releasing a new album. (Taylor Swift, anyone?) Twitter had some thoughts about Zayn’s big move.

Maybe Malik’s purge has more to do with new music on the way?

This could mean a new Zayn era!


Thank you, Taylor Swift, for giving us this iconic line.

Leave it to the superfans to really break it down for us.


Okay, okay, so maybe this is more about a new album than an old heartbreak? We will be over here waiting with bated breath!

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