Zayn Malik may have confirmed an insane theory about Taylor Swift

Okay, Swifities. You may want to sit down for this, because we potentially have confirmation about an intriguing Taylor Swift-related theory. As in: Taylor travels incognito…inside a suitcase.

In case you missed it, the theory took hold in July 2017 after paparazzi spotted two men—surrounded by a number of Taylor’s security guards—carefully moving a large black trunk from her building into a car. This was right around the time that the pop star started dating her then-rumored boyfriend Joe Alwyn and was keeping an unusually low profile. “Why would a large black trunk be surrounded by the singer’s personal security team?” many asked.

And now, Taylor’s friend and “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” collaborator Zayn Malik may have just confirmed the crazy hypothesis. In a November 13th interview with British Vogue, the singer briefly discussed Taylor’s immense level of fame, saying,

"She was traveling around the world in a suitcase."

It’s of course possible that Zayn was merely referencing the rumor—not actual events—in a tongue-and-cheek way. Or maybe he just meant it as a turn of phrase, like, “She was living out of a suitcase because she was so busy.” Or…maybe he meant it literally. Unfortunately, we have no way to know for sure, and we have a feeling we’re not going to get answers from Tay herself anytime soon. Le Thursday sigh.

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