Zayn Malik released his new song “BeFoUr,” so your day just got infinitely better

After teasing us with a snippet of “BeFoUr” all the way back in November during an interview with The FADER, Zayn Malik finally dropped the real deal today, reports Buzzfeed. It’s definitely worth the wait! “BeFoUr” (yeah, that’s how it is spelled) is perfect for a little extra motivation while working away at your desk, or chilling out at home during a gloriously plan-free night.

Zayn announced “BeFoUr”‘s release on Twitter, instructing us to “set it on fire.” If that means “jam out to it on repeat,” then we’re all over it.

And so are his fans, who can’t even handle all the Zayn goodness.

Zayn Malik’s full album Mind of Mine debuts on March 25.