Unpaid Zara factory workers issued a call for help by placing tags in clothing

If you’re a fan of Zara, this story may make you think twice before you go back. According to a report by the Associated Press, unpaid Zara factory workers sought help for their unfair working conditions in a creative way — they placed tags inside of clothes for shoppers to find.

Multiple Zara shoppers in Istanbul reportedly found the tags in their garments. The tags read: “I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it.” Oof.

So who, exactly, has been leaving the tags inside clothes? Workers from an outsourced manufacturer for Zara and other retailers. According to the tags, the workers were employed by Bravo. And coincidentally — or not — Bravo closed overnight.

The tags — rather, the workers behind the tags — hope shoppers will support their cause and spread awareness so they can finally be paid. Apparently, the Turkish workers have not been paid for three months. Plus, they are owed a severance allowance.

Our hearts hurt over this news. The fact that employees would be treated this way is inexcusable. We’re big Zara fans. After all, Zara has everything from cute coats to evening wear for special occasions. It’s nearly impossible to go into one of their stores and come out empty-handed. But with these new allegations against the store, we’re definitely not motivated to go back right this second.

Inditex, the company that owns Zara, did not immediately respond to questions from AP.

According to the Inditex website, they state the following about their employees:

“Motivation, innovation, teamwork, humbleness and the goal of a job well done is what drives the 160,000 people that propel the company forward. We share fundamental values such as teamwork, humility, diversity and commitment and we believe that there is always room for improvement. Every person is key to the success of the company…We believe that attracting the best talent is crucial for the company...Apart from generating new employment opportunities, we are strongly committed to ensuring good working conditions and quality jobs in each of the countries where we are present.

We hope things change soon and that workers receive the wages they deserve.