The Internet has feelings about Zara’s new “ungendered” clothing line

Zara just released a new clothing line that’s completely different from anything they’ve designed before. Specifically, they used the word “ungendered” to describe it.

So, according to Zara, what exactly does that word mean? Well, when you look at the images associated with this label, you’ll realize that it’s basically another way of saying “unisex.” To demonstrate this and promote the line, both a male and female model were used to showcase the same exact article of clothing. BuzzFeed adds that, overall, the collection is quite small and only includes a total of 10 pieces. All of them are under $50.

Now that we’ve taken a moment to look at the line, we’d love to know how the Twitterverse is reacting to this news. Most importantly, what does everyone have to say about the “ungendered” distinction?

Many are not happy with the new line, believe that it’s controversial, and/or want Zara to take it a step further:

Others are excited about the new releases and feel that Zara made the right choice:

There are also one or two who were excited… and then disappointed:

What do you think? How do you feel about Zara using the word “ungendered” to describe this line?

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