Zara Larsson clapped back at a male fan who brought a sexually objectifying sign to her concert

Women everywhere are vulnerable to sexual advances from men. Whether it’s being catcalled on the street or being called “honey” in the office, it’s never cool. Female performers have it even worse, since they’re in the spotlight and are more likely to draw attention from men. It shouldn’t be that way, which is why we’re so thrilled to hear that singer Zara Larsson called out a male fan at a concert as soon as she spotted his sexist sign.

Larsson, of “Lush Life” fame, was performing at the Wireless Festival in London this weekend when she noticed a sign in the crowd that read, “Zara, throw me your bra!” Given that the performer was wearing a pair of pants and a sports bra-type crop top, it was especially offensive.

Instead of ignoring it, Larsson addressed it from the stage like a badass. She called the fan out right then and there, saying, “I don’t find that really funny because it’s like ‘do you think I’m gonna do that to you?’” Larsson recounted the story to Capital FM and said that when she drew attention to him, other fans in the crowd started to look at him. The attention made the fan think twice about his stupid sign.

“People were looking at him too, and then when people were looking at him, I think he was a bit ashamed — as he should be — and he slowly kinda folded it back.”


We’re sure the guy meant it all in “good fun,” but it’s never funny to ask a woman to strip in front of you while she’s trying to perform and do her job. Unless, of course, that woman’s job is to strip, in which case she deserves all the tips and respect, too.

There’s a lot of response on Twitter about Larsson and her fans not being able to “take a joke,” which only serves to show how much schooling some men need when it comes to objectifying women. false

Demanding a woman take off her undergarments for you is just gross, people.

Thankfully, Larsson stood up for herself, setting an example for all of her fans, male and female, about what it means to be a confident woman.

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