Zachary Quinto totally got called out for using a fake name at Starbucks

When you’re a celebrity, you might try super hard to blend into the crowd. But sometimes (or most of the time), it just doesn’t work. Zachary Quinto learned this the hard way after pretending his name was “Josh” at a Starbucks in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Known for his roles in Heroes, American Horror Story, and the recent Star Trek film franchise, you think he’d be pretty used to getting recognized by now. But according to his March 26th interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden, he still sometimes hopes to fly under the radar.

Corden showed Quinto a recent tweet from a fan named Sophia, proving that the actor’s days of going incognito are over. Take a look:

"Girl check ur eyebrows," she wrote. LOL.

Quinto attempted to explain the moment on the show, saying that while filming in Ann Arbor, he didn’t realize he was right in the hub of the University of Michigan — with many pop-culture savvy students. He said he went to grab a coffee during his lunch break, and admitted that the Josh story was 100% true.

"When I'm by myself I get a little, like, nervous or self-conscious, I don't know," Quinto admitted when asked about his second identity.

He even says he thinks he remembers seeing Sophia while he ordered, since he definitely noticed a young woman laughing at him. Poor Josh Zachary!

Quinto also isn’t sure why he chose the name “Josh” above all others, but did note that people sometimes call him that name by mistake (we can kinda see it…though Corden thinks he looks like a Dave).

Whatever name Quinto’s going by in his local Starbucks these days, we love him, and we can’t wait to see him in his many upcoming projects.

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