Zach Braff got asked about bringing back “Scrubs” and his answer is giving us LIFE

Scrubs might be one of the most underrated television shows out there. And yet, as its many, many fans will tell you, it holds up. Seriously, the show, which stars comedy darling Zach Braff, is filled with stellar dialogue and zany, hilarious asides.

We aren’t the only ones who miss the show, or Zach Braff’s amazing comedy talent.

In a recent Twitter Q&A with Scrubs fans, Zach Braff admitted there was a possibility for a reboot. Cue screaming. Not only will we get to see Zach Braff on the new ABC show Start Up, but our beloved Scrubs might return!

As Zach Braff said (after admitting he was jealous of all the Gilmore Girls love):

"All these possibilities are going back and doing Netflix versions of the show... we talk about it every now and then... so you never know. I'd do it."

Netflix, do you hear that? There’s interest!

Zach Braff is currently busy promoting his new film Going In Style, which stars Christopher Lloyd, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine as bank-robbing grandfathers. Of course, it looks hilarious. Zach Braff is involved, so of course there will be humor!

We can’t help but fantasize about what could happen in this mythical Scrubs reboot. Remember, Scrubs ended its hilarious run in 2010. Six years have passed. Did Elliot and JD get married? Did Dr. Cox ever give JD that much-wanted hug? How are Carla and Turk doing? We have so many questions!

We are sure the cast can fit in some shooting. Zach Braff continues his directing streak, and Donald Faison (Turk) is currently the host of the gameshow Winsanity! Sarah Chalke (Dr. Elliot Reed) has a successful voice acting career on the show Rick and Morty. The rest of the cast (we hope) would fall into line! Even if it’s just a miniseries like Gilmore Girls: A Year in the LifeOh, TV Gods, hear our plea!

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