The Zach Braff rumor we wish with every piece of our heart was true

Social media can be so unbelievably cruel, but for the Scubs fan deep in all of our hearts this weekend it became crueler than ever.

Remember J.D. and Elliot? Basically the cutest couple in the history of comedic, medical, television shows? Sigh, so do we.

Well yesterday Zach Braff uploaded a photo of himself and Elliot (aka Sarah Chalke) with the caption: “Guys, we actually ended up together.”

Our heads exploded with happiness and we were not alone. Twitter reactions looked vaguely like this:

Then we all read the hashtag: #jokedontmakeherhusbandmadatme. Never has a hashtag cut so deep.

NOT COOL BRAFF. The J.D./Elliot real-life possibility was so deep and pure and true and we were READY for it.

I swear to god if Zooey Deschanel ever pretends she and Jake Johnson are together, my heart won’t be able to handle it (and yes I know she just got engaged to boyfriend Jason Pechenik).

Same goes to you, Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry. And Mark Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Theissan. Oh, and you too, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel. And YOU Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes. Don’t TOY with us. Your fake love is way too real.

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