Zac Efron’s stunt double is basically his IRL twin

The man who plays Zac Efron’s stunt double is making it harder to tell whether Zac Efron does his own stunts or not. Complete with sandy colored locks, chiseled bod, and a blindingly white smile, stunt man JJ Dashnaw is a dead ringer for the former High School Musical star. This is probably why he was cast as the heartthrob’s stunt double in Efron’s new beach comedy Baywatch.

We wouldn’t have known about the hunky stunt man if Zac hadn’t taken the time to shout out a thank you on Instagram.

At first glance, it could be two Efrons. One Efron matching his pink shirt to his pink Vespa, the other standing around looking adorable, potentially not knowing what to do with his hands. But on second glance, it’s two different people! They just happen to have the same face and hairstyle!

This is a photo that could probably even confuse Zac’s former flame Vanessa Hudgens. The only practical way to tell Zac 1 and Zac 2 apart is by their tops. If they were dressed in the same costume, it would be game over. This excellent casting is why Efron could get away with telling everyone he does his own stunts if he wanted to. But the actor clearly has no shame in his game.

He posted this sweet caption to go along with the pic, as well as an important distinction!

He wrote, "Ain't no shame in it- my stunt dub is one of the coolest MOFOS ever- @jjdashnaw. There every step of the way- the pink Vespa was ALL ME though."

So even though they could be twins, JJ is one of the “coolest mofos ever” and we believe it. But the pink Vespa was ALL Zac though. All Zac, guys.

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