Not a drill: Zac Efron’s video ad for Hugo Boss’ new fragrance is dreamy as hell

Simone Biles is probably somewhere losing her entire mind right now because Zac Efron is the face of Hugo Boss “Man” cologne and Cosmo has exclusive footage from his first fragrance campaign. Needless to say, we totally expect this dreamy spot to send way more hearts into overdrive than Efron’s Tinder profile that no one cared about (we’re still struggling to accept that one, TBH) because it is everything.

You might be feeling a little peeved to find out the teaser is only 17 seconds long (why, Zac, whyyyy?!?) but he looks so delish, we mean, professional that we can’t stop admiring his skills.

"I'm very excited to reveal that I am the new ambassador of Hugo Man," Efron says in the video, adding "#YourTimeisNow."

So, by “now,” does he mean a designated moment in which we fangirl ourselves into a feverish meltdown or???

So, we’re gonna try and calm TF down because that’s not exactly how this hashtag works. As Cosmo notes, #YourTimeisNow is more about seizing the moment to achieve your goals. Well, let’s just say if we’d set out to hyperventilate by day’s end, we’d have a head start on our list of goals.

Way to go, Zac! You may be new to the job but you’re already inspiring us. This totally aligns with the reason Hugo Boss chose the 29-year-old Baywatch star to represent their cologne, as their official statement reveals:

“An intriguing mix of classic movie star with an irreverent, urban edge, Zac’s unique style, confidence, charisma and wit makes him the perfect advocate for HUGO Man’s biggest venture yet.”

SIGHS. Anna Kendrick told us about Efron’s charming ways and now we’re super excited that he gets to put them to good use. More info on the fragrance will be available in the spring, but in the meantime we’ll keep watching this clip to get a feel for (read: continue fangirling over) what we can expect.

Congrats, Zac!