Zac Efron wishing Adam Devine “happy birthday” is the greatest thing you’ll see today

If there’s one thing we could wish for more of in 2016 it’s Zac Efron’s singing. While we get he’s now a *serious actor*, we regularly re-visit the High School Musical OST and could do with more, tbh.

That’s why we’re obsessed with Zac Efron singing “happy birthday” to Adam Devine.

Now, we totally LOVE Zac and Adam’s friendship. The pair, who starred together in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, always take incredible pictures together and their bromance is the stuff of legends (they even talk penises together).

Well, in celebration of Adam’s birthday, Zac Efron shared the cutest happy birthday message and it’s incredible.

"Happy birthday to one hell of a sexy dude," Zac sings over a funky piano. "Happy birthday, to one hell of a cool dude. "Oh I said happy birthday Adam Devine, 'cause you're the best, the best, the coolest fucking dude," he finishes.

Isn’t that just adorable!?

Zac and Adam became BFFs just before shooting Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

"We went out to Hawaii a week earlier for rehearsal-slash-brother-bonding time, and we just really clicked," Devine told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year. "It sort of pisses me off how great of a guy he is on top of being America's handsome prince."

It seems, too, that Zac Efron may have answered our prayers when it comes to making music.

Given that he’s known as a practical joker we’re not going to get our hopes up too much, but Zac shared the following picture leading to speculation that he *might* be working on music!

O-M-G! What does it mean!?

Likewise, the star also shared this Boomerang video at the end of last month, too.

*Deep breaths*

Of course, we can’t be the only ones who re-visit this iconic bop from High School Musical 2.

However, it seems that Zac’s voice has matured since his teen years and, as his video to Adam shows, it’s got a really great gravelly quality to it that we’re loving.

C’mon Zac…make 2016 great again and release a song!