Because it’s Wednesday, here’s Zac Efron twerking like a pro

Ellen DeGeneres is basically the talk-show-host-gift that keeps on giving. With a question and a smile, she can make her guests do just about anything, like, make Zac Efron twerk on command.

Even though he’s not stopping by the High School Musical 10 year anniversary, Efron carved some time out of his busy schedule to stop by Ellen, where the two played a very interesting game of “Heads Up.” It’s an interesting game, because the prompts he’s given are themed around “Bad Behavior.” He’s told to dance suggestively and take off all his clothes —  not that we’re complaining.

Efron gets bonus points for doing everything in leather pants, too. Though we’ve got to wonder if he’s ever actually used Tinder in his life, seeing as how he’s not the best at mimicking swiping left or right. We’ll let that slide, because he gets EXTRA bonus points for his willingness to twerk on cue. And also how he adorably makes out with his hand. Did all those Troy Bolton feels just come rushing back to you?

The full Efron episode of Ellen airs later today, and for more of this bad behavior, Dirty Grandpa is in theaters on Friday!

(Image via video)