Zac Efron just posted the cutest throwback photo of himself and his granddad, and we are “aww”ing

This year is definitely starting off on the right foot. In addition to being one of the hottest men on the planet, Zac Efron posts the cutest throwback photos! As a result, we get a glimpse into his life before his leading man roles. Believe it or not, Zac was just a regular kid before starring in the highly anticipated Baywatch reboot.

While most of us know him as Troy Bolton, not many have seen young Zac and his grandfather lounging together. Luckily, he has posted the photo on his very own Instagram page, making us collectively sigh. Oh Zac, have you ever been anything less than adorable?

First of all, this guy has never gone through an awkward phase. Even as a small child, Zac was cute as a button. Hence the angelic photo of him and his 89-year-old grandfather Hal Efron. Hal’s good looks clearly traveled down to his grandchild. He’s probably really proud of the fact that his grandson is one of the best-looking guys in Tinseltown.

Furthermore, Zac isn’t the only High School Musical star who has been blowing up the internet with the cutest throwback photos. Both Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale made everyone’s day by posting an amazing musical duet. The two HSM alums covered the hit “Ex’s & Oh’s,” making our hearts flutter with glee.

We’ve missed Gabriella and Sharpay most of all! Luckily, social media is making really easy to reconnect with our favorites. Hopefully, Zac and the girls decided to have a mini reunion soon. Especially because since Girl Meets World just got canceled, we could use some Disney Channel love. Until then, we’ll just have to re-watch Ashley’s videos on YouTube and pray that the cast’s schedules allow for a short shoot. After all, 2017 needs to be a better year for all of us.