Pictures from another new Zac Efron movie are here, and this is the only time we’ve found him unattractive

We never thought there would ever come a time that we’d say this, but we’ve come across a set of photos of a totally transformed Zac Efron that would (maybe) make us swipe left. We aren’t saying that they’re entirely awful, but…they’re bizarre enough to make us scratch our heads — and, like, question what we know about our dear Zac Efron.

See, we’re so used to seeing the Neighbors star like he’s pictured above: sharp, put together, and pretty darn dashing. But now, Zac Efron, the astonishingly handsome and mind-blowingly buff man of our dreams has gone and thrown us for quite the loop.

Some context: The 30-year old actor is set to star in Harmony Korine’s (Spring Breakers) newest venture, The Beach Bum, hence the eccentric appearance in these new photos. In the film, he plays a character named Flicker, and he has some pretty sweet co-stars along for the ride: Matthew McConaughey, Isla Fisher, Jimmy Buffett, Snoop Dogg.

The plot details are still pretty much under the wraps, but IndieWire reports that The Beach Bum will be centered around a “rebellious stoner named Moondog (McConaughey) who lives life by his own rules.” Efron’s Flicker is just one of the few, um, interesting people he meets along the way.

And without further ado, we present…Flicker.

Yeah, that happened. While the film certainly sounds intriguing, we can’t help but question Efron’s #lewk. And that beard!! People had #thoughts about the beard.

Some people think the beard looks like a panini (major LOL).


While others think he looks like a George Michael impersonator.


Let’s just say that people aren’t exactly digging his style.

This isn’t the first time that Zac Efron has undergone a significant transformation for a film.

The High School Musical alum also recently donned ’70s ensembles for his role as serial killer Ted Bundy in the upcoming movie, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. And those threw us for a serious loop too.

There’s no word as to when The Beach Bum will surf into theaters, but production already began last fall. So expect the stoner film — and Zac Efron’s, er, unique looks — to splash into the big screen later this year.

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