Zac Efron posted a picture with some literal wild cats, and it’s giving us Wildcat pride

One of our favorite onscreen Wildcats from High School Musical, Zac Efron, posted a picture with literal wild cats, and it’s giving us a ton of Wildcat pride. According to Bustle, Efron is known to post throwback Wildcat photos from his days at East High. Of course, lately, we can see him off the basketball court and on the beach instead. Yup, we’re talking about seeing Efron in Baywatch, so go see the movie — if you haven’t already, that is — to get in a dose of all your Efron-worthy swooning.

Now, however, check out the actor’s latest Instagram post, aka a birthday message to his dad. So not only is he talented and super good-looking, but also publicly gives his dad ~the sweetest~ birthday shoutout.

Okay, didn’t that give you ~all the feels~?! Plus, um, those wild cats are HUGE!

Even though we love to see all the non-HSM films Efron is doing, we still have a soft spot for “Troy” and the films. In fact, the above Insta post made us think of the following Insta post, and the caption’s making us want to rewatch ~all~ the HSM movies.

AWWWW. Riiiiight?! Okay, like we said, now we have a serious HSM craving, so brb…