Zac Efron denied that he and co-star Alexandra Daddario are dating in the most flirty way possible

Further churning the rumor mills that have been following them since Baywatch began shooting, Zac Efron coyly denied that he and Alexandra Daddario were involved. Obviously, his cutesy, blushing denial was taken by many fans as anything but. We won’t speculate about what’s going on in their private lives, but we will say the press junket for Baywatch has been adorable, hilarious, and probably slightly embarrassing where these two are concerned. When asked if there was anything going on between them during an appearance on The Project, Zac Efron replied:

"Nothing but a of pickles. So far."

To back up, apparently Zac Efron has been on a low-carb diet to get in tip-top shape for his Baywatch role and has divulged in previous interviews that it often leaves him with a late-night craving for fried pickles. Apparently, this love for late-night fried food is shared by Alexandra Daddario, which leads one to the obvious question…are they hanging out late at night just for the pickles? Again, we’re not speculating. But yo. Guys. Omigod.

Since their characters in the movie are romantic interests, it’s obvious why these rumors got started, and when asked about their relationship by the Daily Telegraph, Alexandra Daddario was quick to cite their on-screen relationship:

"[It] makes sense because we are love interests in the movie. But [he] is a lot for me to handle."

Something tells us that Alexandra Daddario could handle him if she put her mind to it…so really, the only question is whether or not she has — or will. Whether or not they’re dating, Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario clearly have a fun relationship, and we’re excited to see them on screen together!