Z LaLa’s Billboard Music Awards look is truly out of this world

The Billboard Music Awards are being held tonight in Las Vegas, and the music industry celebs are already hitting the red carpet. (Technically the carpet is pink, but you get the gist.)

Our minds have been blown by Z LaLa’s black cage dress. She is seriously not messing around.


Whoa, right?


We have to say, she’s ALL IN. From the top of her elaborately festooned head to the tips of her stilettoed toes, Z LaLa is committed. She’s even got the right mani and winged eyeliner. (Yeah girl, we noticed. Slay.)

We were originally thinking Z LaLa might have to stand for the duration of the show. Can you imagine trying to sit down in this contraption dress? But the back looks a little more, um, nonexistent manageable.


For real, though. We love an artist who isn’t afraid to take risks, and Z LaLa never fails to deliver. Go, girl!