This is the yule dumpster fire video replacing the typical yule log one, because 2016 was a garbage mess

Want a creative way to express that you think 2016 was garbage? Just pop the Yule Dumpster Fire on the TV and settle in for a night of relaxation.

The Yule Log TV program, featuring nothing but a video of a cozy fireplace set to a soundtrack of holiday tunes, first made its appearance on television in 1966 on WPIX. 

The idea, funnily enough, came because the station manager of WPIX (Channel 11 in New York City) wanted to give his crew the day off for Christmas. Because many people living in New York apartments don’t get the quintessential fireplace experience, a program that was just meant to fill time actually ended up being a huge hit. (You can see Netflix’s version here.)

The Yule Log is great and all, but I think we can all agree 2016 was a mess, so this holiday season might call. for something a little different.

YouTuber Jennifer Ware delivered, gifting the world with a 13-minute video of, you guessed it, a garbage fire.

So watch the Yule Dumpster Fire here, press “loop,” and set that baby to full screen for the complete experience.

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