So, you’ve apparently been cutting cantaloupe all wrong

Confession: Cutting fruit is not my strong suit. Strawberry stem removers scare me. Watermelon juice is out of control messy. I don’t dare go near a pineapple, and don’t even get me started on kiwis. You know what I like? Grapes. Zero effort involved for presentation. Grapes I can do.

I’ve vowed to master knife skills, because I have none. What if I enroll in a reality TV show competition where I’m judged on the presentation of my fruit salad? You never know.

Fortunately, the Internet, aka Saveur, has impeccable knife skills, and just showed me this easy cantaloupe cutting tutorial. It’s quick, clean and smart. If I can cut a cantaloupe, so can you!

First, cut off the ends and set ‘em aside.

Then cut the cantaloupe down the middle, cutting into the exposed melon.

Scoop out the seeds. (Ain’t nobody got time for that.)

Cut each melon in half, and then in half again.

Take your cantaloupe slivers and make slits down to the rind, whatever size you wish. Here’s the sneaky part: Insert your knife where the melon meets the rind to remove the peel.

Voila! Your fruit salad will be the hit of the block party. Here’s the full video:

Featured images via Saveur. iStock