If you’ve always wanted to try meditation, this new version of the Headspace app might finally get you into it

One of the hardest and most ambitious tasks is finding a slice of peace and silence. This goes tenfold for people living wall-to-wall schedules in claustrophobic cities. However, where there is hyperstimulation through technology, there is also innovation.

To kick off summer, the popular Headspace meditation app has added new features to make your meditation experience even more focused. On June 15th, the Headspace meditation app released what they call the New Headspace, which allows users to determine the details of their meditation experience according to their needs.

A press email sent to HelloGiggles shared the exciting changes, which largely allow users to predetermine their meditation time (anywhere from 1-20 minutes). But also, this magic relaxation app will even be able to specifically tailor the length of your meditation around your commute.

The email says,

"This new version evolves the app from a mobile meditation tool into a comprehensive guide to finding health and happiness, no matter the user's circumstance. Think 1 minute guided meditations for moments of panic, ones that map to your commute, plus the ability to switch between tailored packs (focus, sleep, grief, pregnancy, even treating chronic pain) without losing your place, big deal for previous users."

Beyond the added option for mini meditations, the update of the app will also include even more interactive animations.

Imagine what Monks from the 1800s would do if we described an animated meditation app to them?!

Whether you’re a Headspace fan, or a first time user, these new changes are just tools for your meditation practice. Ultimately, you call the shots.

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