This YouTube guru made a teeny, tiny, snow globe for her nail, and you can even shake it

The holidays are the best time of year to go glam. What better way to brighten up the dark months of winter than with a little glittery makeup? And one YouTuber took it to the next level with a literal snow globe nail. As in a teeny, tiny snow globe created out of nail polish on a single nail.

The best part? It’s fully functional.

SimplyNailogical used to do tons of nail polish art tutorials. From ugly sweater nails to holly jolly Christmas trees, she covered them all. But she’s quick to admit she hasn’t posted one in a while. Luckily, the popular YouTuber returned to her roots with this amazing tutorial. If you want your nails to wow family and friends this season, this is the video for you.

Before we get to the actual tutorial, here’s a pic of the tiniest of snow globes:


But be forewarned: This nail polish tutorial is not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of work and commitment to create such a marvelous masterpiece. You need to construct the snow globe itself, plus all the components — including the tiny snowman. It may take more than one try to perfect it. But once you get it down, the results will blow your mind.

So without further ado:

If you’re looking for a fun nail art activity that’s perfectly in tune with the holiday season, this may be for you. Give it a try, and tell us how it goes!

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