“YouTuber” has been officially recognized by the Oxford English dictionary

Hey, YouTubers: You can now go tell anyone who says you should get a “real” job to get lost. The Oxford English Dictionary officially recognized “YouTuber” as a word.

Language is forever changing and evolving, which is why new words and slang end up in dictionaries on a monthly basis. “YouTuber” was just one of 500 new words that made the cut this month, including the terms “hackathon” and “Brexit.”

And according to the dictionary, the word is officially defined as “A frequent user of the video-sharing website YouTube, especially someone who produces and appears in videos on the site.”


The word dates back to 2006 when the video-sharing platform began to gain traction, though, in recent years, use of the term has increased in frequency as viral videos have become a part of everyday life.

Take a look at the dictionary’s “sample sentences”:


So if you make videos professionally or just for fun, don’t ever feel like you need to validate your profession to others – after all, it’s in the dictionary.

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